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One is the best cop of the past, the other is the last cop of the future.

Hurled together by time, these unlikely partners have to put aside their differences and work together to save the city. Sgt Jake Retroski is a reluctant time traveller, in an assassination gone bad. The most badass cop of the 1980’s holds the key to transform the future, a key held by the most perfect artificial life ever conceived.

Jake's partner John “Grade” unit 808, is the last of an elite unit of cyber police officers, designed to combat the ever increasing crime rate in the city. When Jake Retroski arrives in his world, they realise everything is at stake, they are the last stand.

Retro and Grade face cyborg gangs, street punks and a shadowy underworld of unknown capability. In an ever maddening metropolis, against all odds, they fight to restore law and order and bring justice back to the future.

Two cops, One city, No back up

Retro Grade Future will be a wild ride, set to stretch the imagination. A retro futuristic buddy cop feature, with style, comedy, and sci-fi action.
With a nostalgic B-movie flavour and inspired by great 80's action and sci-fi flicks such as Robocop, Lethal Weapon, Escape from New York and Mad Max.

This promises to be an all out fresh and greatly inspired feature film.

Fuelled by the sounds of Synthwave, FINAL FILM is collaborating with an ever growing list of some of the best names in the genre including Wolf and Raven, Meteor, OGRE, Midnight Danger, Dance With The Dead, and more!

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In a city that was slowly becoming a warzone, a new kind of justice was required.

Gateway Industries “Grade Program” was executed.

Paragon City was to become the proving ground for a new type of law enforcement. Genetically and Cybernetically enhanced police officers, optimised for strategy in urban combat.

Once negotiations were final, preparations began spanning the next eleven years. During this time a secret facility was outfitted with everything it needed for cybernetic research and development of the GRADE units.

No expense was spared.

The cutting edge had never been so sharp. Top secret experiments were carried out there, everything was shrouded in mystery, even to the mayor.

A new Cyber Police Department was built in the dead centre of the city. Optimal positioning for every tactical armed response. The station itself was part of the complete Grade program package, a framework of which Gateway intended to sell to the world.

It was fully automated, it’s efficiency unparalleled. Not only to sustain the lives and operation of the Grades but also to handle civilian interaction and manage crime response and eradication for the entire city. All of this would be assisted by a powerful new A.I, that would network every Cyber Police officer to a centralised management system.

One thousand cybernetically enhanced, gene altered, super cops were planned for service in 1999.

Turning a man into a Grade was an expensive procedure. A procedure they called "Graduation". Once you were graduated, you became one of the Cyber Police. The most elite of elite units. The program was heavily advertised, looking for volunteers country wide.


Salvation from past lives was promised. Your history didn't matter once you were Graduated. But unfortunately for the applicants, the reasons behind this were of a clandestine nature.

Not all of the graduation procedure details were disclosed. Among them was the extent of the augmentation procedures and invasive surgeries to achieve them. As was the experimental nature of the gene alteration. But kept most secret was the process of trauma based memory alteration and removal. Gateway wanted to produce not only the most effective law enforcement units but also a product that they would completely own. The human emotion component was the biggest risk for Gateway. To achieve the desired goal it was decided to eliminate all emotional ties in the subjects. Secondarily this would help give them total control over their product.

Volunteers were selected from tens of thousands of applicants. They were taken away to a secret location, masquerading as a training program where they were screened and tested for Graduation selection. This screening involved physical testing and gene altering experiments to ascertain their probably of application to the Graduation procedure. Gateway did not want the immoral results of their dehumanising procedures exposed. The company depended on it. The men’s Identities were erased.

Among the applicants was John Wolfe…


Although it ran like clockwork, the Grade program barely saw one year of successful law enforcement service. The organised crime in the city dropped dramatically. But the new system had a fatal flaw. The secretive and rather shady foundations of the Grade Program became its downfall.

The program was meant to empower the police force, instead it ruined it. Behind the visors were men, men with feelings, men with history. But these were seen as weaknesses, flaws that the Grade program sought to delete.

The Applicants were betrayed from the beginning. The cybernetic procedures and genetic manipulation were irreversible , but the amnesic barriers would not hold. The Grades became hardened warriors, combat cyborgs, and puppets of the company. As the memories began to resurface, men began to remember themselves, and they were traumatised.

When trying to suppress the resurfacing memories the company couldn't act quick enough. Rick Steinberg, one of the first Grades to awaken, saw to it to destroy the memory manipulation hardware and form a resistance to the company and their efforts to control the situation. In the hope that this awakening was a limited glitch the Grade Units that were still on the companies leash were ordered to exterminate the awakened Grades.

Sides were drawn and Grades were pitted against Grades, and the regular police force were caught in the crossfire. Many Grades went rogue and some still survive to this day.. They call these Ex-Grades. ‘The Grade Wars’ were violent but short lived. When they were finally over and the police force decimated, only one man still called himself Grade. John, Unit 808.

[By now] The city was a vast unending metropolis of evermore cramped living conditions, lawless inhabitants and a sickening black market of trade. Without law, money and power ruled. Private security firms soon replaced law enforcement, and the old values of innocence and justice were no more. But to one man, these values were still worth fighting for.

John’s own memories and emotions began to resurfice during the end of the war. He found himself protecting Grade officers on both sides, trying to stop the vengeful methods of Rick Steinberg, not only for himself but for the fate of the city. Still scarred by the atrocities of the graduation process, he continues to fight on to this day, a lone soldier on a quest to regain his humanity, fight injustice and protect the city.