The FINAL FILM team are currently engaged in preproduction on a Kickstarter project to fund an action sci-fi series:



Sgt. Jake Retroski was no ordinary cop. His name was feared on the streets, his police record sent a clear message. He was the best.

Tragically, his wife and daughter were ruthlessly killed by a notorious gang. Justice had failed him. Now every criminal feels his vengeance.
Haunted by the past, hunted by the future, he becomes the target of an assassination by an elite group of criminals from the year 2000.
The hitman fails and Jake took his one way ticket back to the future. Here, he discovers the fate of the city without him.

Society crumbles and desperate measures are taken. The government decide to introduce a new army.
Cybernetically enhanced, emotionally suppressed crime fighters.

They called these the GRADES.

This blatant manipulation of the human mind and body did not go unnoticed.
The programme becomes corrupt, and soon Grade units go rogue and begin to war against themselves. The first rogue unit, Ricky ‘The Rock’ Steinberg,
becomes the leader of a gang who would come to be known as Tech Pure. A group of renegades that are lead to believe that he has the solution to become ‘pure’ again.
But not all hope is lost, Jake Retroski meets John Grade - Unit 808, the Force`s last survivor in a perilous world; who has single handedly upheld what’s left of justice,
in an ever maddening metropolis. They do things their own way. Hurled together by time; these unlikely partners must put aside their differences to face a common foe
and bring law to the lawless in a future where anything could happen...

Two cops, one city, no backup.

Retro Grade Future will be a wild ride, set to stretch the imagination. A retro futuristic buddy cop feature, with style, comedy, and martial arts action.
With a nostalgic B-movie flavour and paying homage to great 80's action and sci-fi flicks such as Lethal Weapon, Robocop, Escape from New York and Mad Max,
this promises to be an all out fresh and greatly inspired feature film. Fuelled by the sounds of Synthwave, FINAL FILM is collaborating with an ever growing list of
some of the best names in the genre. Including OGRE, Crockett, Flash Arnold, MEGAHIT, Wolf and Raven and more!


WATCH THIS SPACE for updates and previews as we roll out and roll into production of the full kickstarter trailer in Q2 of this year.